We are working to make robots smart, affordable and easy to use

Aeon Robotics helps you to integrate cutting-edge robotics technologies into your business. We innovate with robotic systems and modular components that enhance productivity, reliablity and safety in personal and professional applications.

Modular Robotics

Our AeonDrive actuator includes a high torque brushless motor, a durable low-backlash cycloidal gear system, multiple ball bearings and integrated electronics. The modular concept simplifies the robot design and enables new design methods e.g. 3D printed robot parts for cost-effective personal and professional robots.

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Smart Vision Systems

Our hardware-accelerated vision systems with integrated SoC ARM processor for ROS interfacing benefit high computing performance in combination with our Stereo Vision IP solutions. Available with ROS message packing and multiple interfaces (Virtual Ethernet over PCIe, Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.1

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High Performance Computing

The AeonCluster backplane offers the ablility to create custom heterogenous computing systems consisting of multiple CPU modules and SoC FPGA modules which are connected via Virtual Ethernet over PCIe. It features high speed and low latency communication for offloading tasks from your robotic system.

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