DROID Dexterous robot with force sensitive AI-based teaching

The DROID robot system is a dexterous robot arm and hand combination inspired by the human model. The 5-finger gripper enables operations in environments designed for humans. A wearable force-feedback controller allows intuitive teaching of the robot by demonstrating the task without the need for programming skills. The robotic hand has an AI-assisted depth-sensitive sense of force and allows direct force transmission to the human user using a force feedback control system. This allows fast teaching and handling of sensitive objects and enables safe interaction with humans in collaborative operation. Due to an integrated camera system and onboard AI processing the robot can adapt to differences in object characteristics and to changes in the work area.

  • Designed after the human model
  • Intuitive teaching
  • no programming skills needed
  • AI enables fast learning
  • RS485 Communication Bus
  • Force sensing in each joint
  • Gripping of sensitive objects
  • Lightweight and Durable

Available on request. Please contact us for more information


Weight5.5 kg10 kg
Height65 cm65 cm
Width24 cm38 cm
Actuators3x AeonDrive ADx750
2x AeonDrive ADx350
2x AeonDrive ADx250
11x Finger Actuator
5x AeonDrive ADx750
4x AeonDrive ADx350
4x AeonDrive ADx250
22x Finger Actuator
Degrees of Freedom6 DoF per arm
11 DoF per hand
1 DoF body
OpticalRGB camera + depth
PositionEncoder in each actuator
ForceTorque sensing in each actuator