HandEffector Human Inspired Robot Manipulator

The HandEffector is a robotic manipulator modeled after the human hand and forms the core component of the HandEffector robot. The integrated Quasi-Direct-Drive (QDD) technology enables force sensing inside each joint of the HandEffector.

  • High Torque Brushless Motors
  • High Precision Reduction System
  • Magnetic Encoders
  • Integrated Electronics
  • RS485 Communication Bus
  • Force sensing in each joint
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Lightweight and Durable

Available on request. Please contact us for more information


Weight5.5 kg10 kg
Height65 cm65 cm
Width24 cm38 cm
Actuators1x AeonDrive ADx750
2x AeonDrive ADx350
2x AeonDrive ADx250
2x AeonDrive ADx50
11x Finger Actuator
1x AeonDrive ADx750
4x AeonDrive ADx350
4x AeonDrive ADx250
4x AeonDrive ADx50
22x Finger Actuator
Degrees of Freedom6 DoF per arm
11 DoF per hand
1 DoF body
OpticalRGB camera + depth
PositionEncoder in each actuator
ForceTorque sensing in each actuator